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“Looking to sell your property on the Costa del Sol? ..... We can help!”

If you’re serious about selling your property on the Costa del Sol, get it done more efficiently with Mosaic Realty.

Contact us using the simple form below and a member of our team will contact you to explain the process of offering your property for sale within the current market and how Mosaic Realty can make this process as quick and easy as possible.

Sell your propertyValue and Pricing - Our team can access current market data and analyse recent & comparable property transactions to help guide you on how you should price your property to maximise the likelihood of a sale within your target time frame.

Quality Presentation - We can advise on “staging” your property and we take high quality images to ensure that your property stands out amongst the crowd and it is as appealing as possible to potential buyers

Help with Paperwork - Before your property can be actively promoted to potential buyers, there are certain documents that an agent is required to have in its possession. Our team can help with this process and make it a pain free experience.

Customised Sales Strategy - We don’t simply add your property to a database and hope for the best. Our team will create a pro-active, custom sales strategy that is tailored to your requirements, to ensure that we match your property with the most suitable and likely buyers. Our team will listen to you, help identify the unique selling points of your property and then create a pro-active sales strategy to generate interest from the target audience. This is a collaborative process and can, depending on your objectives, include:

* Prime office window exposure
* Mosaic website listing and featured property exposure
* Partner website listings
* key portal advertising
* Dedicated online e-mail marketing to a selected target audience
* Social media promotion to a pre-defined target demographic
* Creation of custom property brochures specific to your property

Some of the best deals are sold before they ever get listed on our website. Sign up to out earlybird alerts to ensure that you are made aware of key opportunities ahead of the crowd and be best positioned to take advantage ...